A Foolproof Cure For Bland Tasting Coffee – The Coffee Bean Grinder

Have you just started drinking coffee on a regular basis? Most people who start drinking coffee usually make it from pre-ground beans in a regular drip coffee machine. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to make it. It is not, however, the way to make the best tasting coffee. The best way to make a great tasting cup of joe is to us a coffee bean grinder to grind your beans.

So, instead of heading out to the grocery store and buying a regular old container of Folgers coffee, try buying some whole coffee beans. Now all you need is a coffee bean grinder for grinding the beans. Once you’ve made your first cup of coffee with freshly ground beans, you may never go back to buying regular pre-ground beans.

The Two Types of Coffee Grinders

There are two types of grinders: blade grinders and burr grinders.

Blade Grinders

A blade grinder is for basic coffee bean grinding. If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to start with this type of grinder. They use a metal blade to grind the beans and the fineness is determined by how long you let the grinder grind. While it gets the job done for a cheaper price, a blade grinder doesn’t create a consistent grind and can overheat the beans if left on for too long. This may give your coffee a more burnt taste. Also, blade grinders are difficult to clean and the residue from previous beans can effect your coffee’s flavor.

Burr Grinders

When you’ve had your fill of the blade grinder, and you’ve saved up some money, try a burr grinder. Instead of a blade, a burr grinder uses an inner moving wheel and a static outer wheel. The beans are crushed between the moving wheel and the static wheel. Burr grinders provide a much more consistent grind due to the positioning of the wheel. There are two types of burr grinders: wheel and conical.

The wheel grinder spins much faster which makes for a louder grinder and much messier experience. The conical grinder is the best type of grinder you can get. The wheel is slower and the grind is the most consistent out of all three types of grinders.

When you embark on your journey to buy a new coffee gifts grinder, it may seem overwhelming. There are a lot of brands on the market and different price ranges you can choose from. The Internet allows you to check actual, unbiased reviews of coffee grinders, so a good place to start your research is online.

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