A Shining Example of What the World Can Look Like – Gemstone Globes

Even as a kid, maps fascinated me. I had a collection of road maps, and even today I buy a new road atlas before the start of my annual summer road trip. Now that I have young students of my own, I wanted to share my passion for understanding the geography of the world. I thought it would be a good idea, that rather than a flower arrangement or a basket of fruit, I would put a globe on the middle of the kitchen table.

The first time I visited my neighbor’s house, a pair of striking Amethyst gemstone globes caught my eye. I had seen these globes in catalogs before, but this was the first time I had an up-close look. I admired the colors and the details that went their fine construction.

When I saw my neighbor’s globes, I knew I wanted to research them. I had gemstone globe envy. I was curious about them, and I wanted to look into getting one of my own.

The internet makes shopping easy, and it makes it complicated. The choices available for these globes are broader than I ever imagined. If space and money were no object, I could start an enviable collection of my own.

The first thing I realized was that the brilliant blue globes that I had seen in my neighbor’s house was not the only color option available to me. Gemstones come in so many colors and so many grains and textures, that each of the globes I examined was an original work of art. The cobalt blue of the oceans in my neighbor’s gemstone globes made sense, but so did globes made of blue opalite, turquoise, and lapiz. These gemstones gave the oceans of these globes an authentic look.

But my favorite color is green, and the globes in green quartz crystal caught my eye. So did the globes with white oceans, made of mother of pearl, and black oceans, crafted of onyx. If you are looking for something that makes a bold color statement, you can choose globes made with oceans of amber (rich gold), tanzanite (purple), pink (rubalite), or opal (iridescent white). These semi-precious stones can be cut in different ways to give various surface effects to the bodies of water.

Gemstone globes are crafted with a surgeon’s precision. The countries are individually cut from different color gemstones and pieced together so there are no gaps evident when the craftsmen put them together like a puzzle. The lines of latitude and longitude are made of silver and gold ribbon and are inlaid with the same care as the gemstone pieces.

The components of gemstone globes give us a variety of looks to choose from. These works of art also come in many sizes, from a palm-sized model to massive floor-model globes with a 40-inch diameter. They come on small stands so you can display them on desktops, and four-legged stands, so you can display them as prominently as a piece of furniture. You can select stands in polished brass and silver-plate, or even gemstone bases.

If you like the look of gemstones globes but are not ready to make the investment in a desktop- or floor-model, you can find other goods that let you get the look you want at a reasonable price. Clocks that integrated with gemstone globes, bookends, and paperweights let you accessorize your home with the same look. You can share the look with your friends with simple gifts like bottle stoppers, ball-point pens, and jewelry made with the same techniques and materials as gemstone globes.


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