Finding a Cheap College Apartment for Students

As a student looking for an apartment the right price has to be first and foremost on the agenda. A student cannot afford to pay for an expensive apartment unless he or she has the ready funds for it. Living expenses for a college student is pretty tight so finding the right and cheap apartment is the only way to go about it.

First, you need to determine how much you are willing to pay every month. If you have friends who are willing to split the rent then go for it, but make sure that the friends are not just saying the words, they should actually mean them.

Second, as a student it is important to have an internet service. find out if the apartment can be serviced, if not then find out if there are any places near it that has internet access.

Third, consider subletting an apartment. There are quite a few listed online like those on Craigslist. Don’t forget to look in the classified ads either. There should also be some notices on the bulletin boards in school.

Fourth, when you do find the right priced apartment, don’t just grab it; find out its Cheap apartments for rent location first. Then make an investigation on the crime rate of the area. If it is near the college or university campus then great, but if further away, what kind of transportation do you need to spend for in order to go to and from school. The extra costs would not make that apartment cheap.

Fifth, visit the area at night and listen to the noise level. As a student, it is very important to concentrate especially during exams periods. If the next door neighbour’s cat can be heard through your door then you know the walls are not well insulated.

Sixth, look at the facilities. Laundry, telephone, pool, exercise gyms and others. There are some student apartment complexes that are very affordable and yet offer the best amenities. In these days where the economy and housing industries are suffering, it would not be difficult to find these.

Seventh, if everything seems great, find out about the utilities expenses in the complex or area. If there are numerous leaks and power surges, you and your friends may be the ones who would have to pay for them.

Looking for a cheap apartment for college students is not all that difficult, as long as you know your priorities. Once you know what to look for, finding that apartment could be very easy and would not take up a lot of time.


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