How to Purchase Gemstone Earrings

Purchasing earrings for you or as a gift is a big decision. There are numerous options available, especially when it comes to earrings that contain gemstones. Gemstone earrings can come in studs, hoops, drops, and fancy forms. They are suitable for everyday use or even for a formal event. Purchasing the right gemstone pair can be the difference between an earring that can be worn daily or earrings that have to have a special reason to wear them. If you are in the market for a gemstone earring set, then you will want to keep the following in mind:

Type of Gemstone
There are numerous types of Opal gemstones available to place in your jewelry. Though the most classic type is the diamond, there are other gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, garnets and even opals. Though these are the most common types of gems, there are numerous other varieties out there for purchase. Purchase a stone that is not only a color that matches your current wardrobe, but also that will be easily worn with other jewelry you own. After all, you do not want a pair of earrings that bracelets, necklaces or even other charms cannot be worn with at the same time.

The Style
There are different settings for a gemstone earring. They can be purchased in hoops, studs, clip-ons, drops and fancy earrings. The style should be a large factor in deciding which type of earring will work best for you. Certain face shapes will only work with a particular style of gemstone earring; therefore you will need to consider what shapes and styles go with your face.

The Occasion
Another thing to consider is the occasion the gemstone earrings will be worn for. If they are for daily use, you will want a pair of earrings that are comfortable and not too heavy. A set that weighs a considerable amount can be difficult to wear for even a few hours at a special event, but can be almost unbearable for all day use.

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