Looking at Luxury Real Estate For Sale?

If you are thinking about purchasing luxury real estate in New Zealand you’ll know that the place is only ever as good as its surrounds. It’s no good having the most beautiful of homes or retreats and not having surrounds that indulge the senses and help you relax, unwind and feel like you are living in paradise.

With that in mind, it’s worth your while to take a look at some of the properties available in New Zealand’s Northland, (jewel of the crown), in the Bay of Islands. It really is as pretty as the name suggests, and with the abundant sea views, white sandy beaches, warm temperatures, and fabulous places to eat, it really is a lovely place to work, and play.

Many people enjoy the warmer weather, as this part of New Zealand is known as the winterless north. For this reason it’s a popular place for people looking for either a holiday home they can retreat to when the mood takes them, or people looking for a place to spend their golden years, with all the amenities they are likely to need near their front door, but enough space and quiet to enjoy the reduced stress surrounds.

Luxury propiedades de lujo en venta Puerto Vallarta real estate in New Zealand can be found in the Bay of Islands, with a good range of homes that have been built with views and seclusion in mind. Given the vast amount of coast line available, there are many locations to find that special hideaway. For those wanting something a little less palatial, several beautifully appointed apartment blocks have been built in the region.

Paihia and Russell are the two largest regions in the Bay of Islands. These two towns sit across the water from each other, and while you are able to reach one from the other by road, many locals and visitors prefer to catch one of the regular ferries that run in the bay instead.

Of course if you want a place that is beautiful but also offers a little excitement then the Bay of Islands can still fit your needs. Due to the high levels of tourists throughout the year, this part of the country does offer a good range of world class adventure based activities, many of which are water based. If you are a keen fisherman or boatie, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied in this region.

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