Tactical B Class Women’s Uniform Shirt

Selection of Women uniform shirts is always a difficult task for any organization as there are number of parameters to be considered. 5.11 Inc is getting this problem solved for many of the people by providing their quality garments and even supplying different type of women uniform shirts with enhanced quality, style, comfort and fabric. I was searching for the women uniform shirts and I was unable to find so many options, by chance I reached on the website of this brand and I think there are plenty of shirts which can be considered and selected as best women uniform shirts.

The 5.11 B-Class women uniform shirts can be considered as the replacement of traditional uniform shirts and bears a new standard. These shirts are having all those features which any officer working at any designation can wish. These B-Class women uniform hoody Oregon shirts are having permanent military type creases which can maintain a neat, sophisticated and professional look and the bi-swing shoulder along with a reinforced collar makes the shirt really ideal to wear. A remarkable characteristic which can be considered as the chief concern for any uniform shirt and that is the stain and dirt resistance of these shirts as these are Teflon® treated shirts. A hidden pocket is placed in these shirts to place any important document, as an added feature, you may keep your paperwork, cell phone or any other gear in it.

The following are some of the main characteristics of these shirts;

1. These shirts have permanent military creases.
2. These have a bi-swing shoulder which providers a wider range of movement as compared to ordinary shirts.
3. Being Teflon® treated shirts these are stain and dirt resistant shirts which are good for any kind of professional duties, especially for rough and tough jobs.
4. These shirts are triple needle tailored shirts.
5. Very selected and tough melamine buttons have been used which are not easily breakable.
6. A hidden document pocket is placed in these shirts as an extra benefit.
7. These are plain weave and spread collar shirts.
8. Fabric type is 34% rayon, 64% polyester, 2% Lycra® spandex, 5.9-oz

As these are poly-rayon women uniform shirts therefore its fabric is very soft and comfortable and at other hand this fabric is wrinkle resistant as well. The usage of polyester fiber help sustaining the color of the fabric for a long duration and genuine melamine buttons are really long lasting so you can use these shirts for longer durations and there is no need to buy new one in small intervals. As these are famous branded shirts so you can continuously obtain these for your employees and there is no need to stockpile at your end.

I personally believe if it fulfills your requirement and once you have started using these then you are never going back to the traditional shirts. You can obtain these shirts directly from 5.11 Inc or from any retailer store. You can also search out on internet to find these shirts. Once you finalize a type of shirt as of the women uniform shirt at your organization then first assure that the right number of stock is available and secondly your selected color and fabric will be continuously available for your future demands or you may have to make a deal for that.

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