Vaping and Entrepreneurship: Success Stories from the Industry


The vaping industry has not only provided an alternative to smoking but has also created a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. This article explores success stories from the vaping industry, highlighting entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the field.

1. Hon Lik – The Inventor of the E-Cigarette

No discussion of elf bar vape entrepreneurship would be complete without mentioning Hon Lik, the Chinese pharmacist who is often credited with inventing the modern e-cigarette. His innovative idea led to the development of the first commercially successful e-cigarette in 2003, laying the foundation for the vaping industry we know today.

2. James Monsees and Adam Bowen – Founders of JUUL Labs

James Monsees and Adam Bowen co-founded JUUL Labs, a company that revolutionized the vaping industry with its sleek, discreet, and user-friendly e-cigarette design. Despite facing challenges, JUUL became a global sensation and played a significant role in transitioning smokers to vaping.

3. Tony and Peggy Newman – Founders of MyVapors and WISMEC

Tony and Peggy Newman are the founders of MyVapors and WISMEC, two prominent vaping brands known for their high-quality mods and tanks. Their commitment to innovation and design has earned them a strong following in the vaping community.

4. James Kim – Founder of VapeWild

James Kim founded VapeWild, a company that quickly gained popularity for its wide range of affordable and unique e-liquid flavors. VapeWild’s success exemplifies how catering to diverse flavor preferences can be a winning strategy in the vaping industry.

5. Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis – Renowned Vape Reviewers and Advocates

While not traditional entrepreneurs in the vaping industry, Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis have had a profound impact on vaping. Their popular vape reviews and advocacy work have helped shape the community and influence vaping product development.

6. Tony B. – Pioneer of Affordable Squonk Mods

Tony B., a prominent vaping YouTuber, ventured into entrepreneurship by collaborating with manufacturers to create affordable squonk mods. His creations cater to enthusiasts looking for accessible and high-performance devices.

7. Mike Vapes – Influential Vape Reviewer and Collaborator

Mike Vapes, another influential vaping YouTuber, has collaborated with manufacturers to design and release vaping products, leveraging his expertise and credibility within the community to bring quality devices to market.

8. Shaun Casey – Founder of ZampleBox

Shaun Casey founded ZampleBox, a subscription service that allows vapers to discover new e-liquid flavors every month. The company’s success illustrates how entrepreneurs can tap into the subscription model to provide value to consumers.

9. Entrepreneurial Modders and Artisans

The vaping industry has seen a proliferation of entrepreneurial modders and artisans who handcraft custom vaping mods and accessories. These individuals turn their passion for vaping into thriving businesses, offering unique and artistic vaping devices to enthusiasts.

10. Advocacy Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs within the vaping industry have also played a crucial role in advocating for vaping rights. They have funded advocacy efforts, engaged with policymakers, and organized grassroots campaigns to protect vaping as a harm reduction tool.


The vaping industry has not only provided an alternative to smoking but has also nurtured a thriving community of entrepreneurs. These success stories highlight the diversity and innovation within the vaping industry, showcasing how individuals have turned their passion for vaping into successful businesses, products, and advocacy efforts.

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